Skiing for the little ones in Kinderland in Alpendorf / St. Johann in the Pongau

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Important information

Skischool Alpendorf guidelines and FIS slope rules

Skischool policies and FIS slope rules. In order to have a safe and smooth ski course you need to consider some rules. The Skischool Alpendorf guidlines and the FIS piste rules should be read and memorized by every skier or snowboarder. You will find an overview of questions and answers in the FAQs

The kidscourse in the kinderland directly at the mountain station of the Alpendorf gondola
A suitable course for advanced skiers - we  visit the fun park
Lunch and supervision during the ski day in Ski amadé

Skischool Alpendorf guidelines

  • The skischool Alpendorf takes no liability in the event of an injury or accident during the ski course or ski race. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant!
  • The cancellation of any bookings must be made until 6 pm the day before the cours. Otherwise the full amount will be charged.
  • The course coupons are not transferable. Refund only in case of an accident or illness (medical certificate needed) no refund of not used coupons.
  • Make reservations early either in person or through your hotel. Have your reservation confirmed and ask for the meeting point.
  • If you wish you can drop off your kids at the skischool office at 9 am and pick them up at the office at 3:30 pm.
  • Please let us know if you have any wishes or questions concerning eating habits or medication aso. So the skiinstructor is well prepared.
  • The prices in the catalogue are in Euros and binding (incl 20%VAT).

FAQs frequently asked questions

  • Can our kids attend the same ski class?
    If the age and skill level are the same it is of course possible. If one of the kids is advanced it would have to join the beginner group. Please let us know as soon as possible.
  • How many students are in one group? Maximum of 8 persons
  • If both kids and parents attend ski groups is there a problem timewise?
    No! Our instructors are at the meeting point some time ahead of schedule.
  • If the course doesnt meet the expectations do we get the money back?
    The refund of gehe course fee is not possible but a change of course is always an opportunity.
  • Is it possible to book lunch time supervision for individual days?
    Yes! Just let us know when you book the course or tell the instructor at the meeting point at the beginning of the course

  • When do you have to book a private teacher?
    Basically the sooner the better. Especially if you have the wish for a certain instructor an early reservation is important. The best thing to do is to book your private instructor directly at the office.
  • What are the grouping criterias?
    The groups are devided by age and skills.
  • Can you join a course during the week?
    There is a daily reclassification for all courses except Saturday. So an entry during the week is no problem.
  • Is the rental equipment included in the course fees?
    No, the rental is seperate. If you wish to rent the equipment there is a rental shop at the skischool office.
  • Do the fees for the courses include the ski passes?
    No. All skiers and snowboarders have to buy a valid pass before they start the courses. Kids under the age of 6 years are free of charge.

FIS piste regulations in Austria

  • Be considerate to other skiers and snowboarders
    Every winter athlete must behave in such way that no one else is put in danger or harmed.
  • Controlling speed and skiing style
    Every winter athlete should pay attention while skiing. Speed and skiing style should correspong to ability levels and to the conditions on the terrain, snow and weather as well as the amount of people using the pistes.
  • Choice of line
    A skier coming from behind must choose a line that doesnt endanger the skier in front
  • Overtaking
    overtaking should be done from above or from below, from the right or from the left and always at a distance which leaves the person being overtaken plenty of room to carry out all their manoevers
  • Skiing in approach and proceeding up slopes
    Every skiier who is skiing into a ski run, getting started again after stopping or who wants to do turns or go up a slope must make sure they are able to do so from above and below without endangering themselves or others
  • Stopping
    Every winter athlete should avoid stopping at narrow or unclear points when it is not necessary. Everyone who has fallen at such site should endevor to vacate the area as quickly as possible
  • Ascent and descent
    A winter athlete who is ascending or descending by foot should use the edge of the ski slope.
  • Pay attention to signs
    Every winter athlete must pay attention to signposts and signals.
  • Assistance
    In the event of accidents every winter athlete is obliged to provide help.
  •  Identity and requirement
    Every winter athlete whether they are spectating or taking part and whether they are responsible or not must provide personal details in the event of an accident.

Quelle: FIS - International Ski Association